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Pine Essential Oil


Grown and harvested from a tall evergreen tree, the tree produces long Pine needles which we then steam distill. It primarily is used as an room diffuser oil as it is an uplifting and purifying aroma


Essential oils from various pine trees are loved not only for their wonderful, warm woody aroma, which is a real favourite for steaming indoors, but also for their aromatherapy properties. Pine essential oil is used in aromatherapy as a general body tonic to improve mood, and as one of the most effective body-strengthening oils in the winter, when the weather is changing, and during cold season. Pine essential oils are excellent for indoor steaming, freshening and purifying the air.

Origin is EU / Austria.

10 ml
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Ingredients (INCI):

Pinus Sylvestris Leaf Oil.


Produced via Steam Distillation.


A Pine-like, uplifting aroma.


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